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2017 jan tzoumerkafb 18

A perfect canvas, a perfect stroke. George Ouzounis makes his art on Dirfys Mountain in Evia, Greece.

2016 12 08 09 dirfys ouzounis 1214 copy

Destination Holy Mountain! This was our pilgrimage, the perfect embodiment of the ethos of the Frozen Ambrosia.

2017 athos01still 0140

2017 jan tzoumerkafb 18

Trial by fire in my effort to learn Greek. Last week I was invited for a live interview on ERT1, the national TV channel of Greece, to talk about my film "Frozen Ambrosia". It was a fantastic opportunity to promote the project but I knew for sure, given my limited ability in Greek, that I would be in over my head. Needless to say it was a bit nervewracking, but aside from one question around the middle, where I got completely lost, I think I did okay. (Subs in English for my non-Greek speaking friends).

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