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The annual summer camp-out went down past weekend and it was a great time out riding. These camp-outs typed as a continuation of an ongoing quest of the outdoorsy/cycling scene worldwide are incredible and powerful in experiencing the nearby Athens countryside from a completely different point of view.

The choice of Aigina island was great, one of the most beautiful islands close to Athens with nice villages, vintage villas by the water, ancient temples, madieval castles and lots of 60s derelict architecture – something that becomes kind of a habit for the Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club.

The whole weekend was full of chilled vibes that were maintained throughout even while climbing the Palaiohora medieval castle right at the peak of the island. Highlights include obviously waking up at the beach on Sunday morning, DIY dinner next to the temple and visiting this wacky super cubic 60s deserted hotel that sits empty right there on the coast just before Perdika.

Next time you should ride along because you know #ATHsucksforcycling

All photographs by Kostantinos Koronaios and Agi Kolyvas.
You can follow Konsatninos on instagram @notkoro

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Sugino arguably make some of the best and stiffest cranksets in the world. Well know for their Sugino 75 series track cranksets that are used by the majority of top athletes of the velodrome, Sugino now using their “direct drive” technology offer this incredible stiff and reliable beast of a crank.

It comes with a Sugino external cups bottom bracket and available in various ring combinations. In black or silver.

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This is the video edit that completes this year's edition of ‪#‎1896CMRR‬ . Sorry it took so long but good things take time. Many thanks to Panos for preparing this awesome clip but most of all big thanks goes to all of you that supported it and to our great sponsors State Bicycle Co. CINELLI Cadence Three Legs and a Model DeFeet International Desperados


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